Algorithm tuning

With years of mobility industry experience and expertise, we know exactly how to create that balance between the real world and the related costs. Our team analyses real-life scenarios to align the viability of the output with the associated costs.

Based on the algorithm tuning of GIRO, Treelight makes every effort – if necessary in consultation with GIRO – to deploy it to other depots in the company and tune the respective rule version(s) to achieve the same results.


Treelight assists you when there is a turnover in the staff in order to guarantee continuity for maintaining the algoritms.


Treelight adapts rule versions when the change in certain business rules have an impact on the rule version.


Treelight supports three algorithms:


  • With MinBus you achieve an optimal distribution of journeys per vehicle and you limit the number of peak vehicles. This results in an ideal package of blocks to which you assign vehicles.
  • CrewOpt calculates a service package based on those vehicle blocks, taking into account legal requirements and company regulations. This provides you with a package of services (duties) that you can assign to staff.
  • PlanCrew determines the ideal match between staff members and service packages. The result ranges from random assignment to a personal work roster that takes into account the individual wishes of staff members (personalized work rostering).

Dave is a ‘challenger’: as an expert, as an advisor, as a team player. As an expert in workforce planning, he challenged his own creativity resulting in the creation of a total new way of operator planning (PWR). As an expert in Hastus Software he challenges you to choose the most optimized solution. As an advisor he challenges the way you look at your processes and work procedures. As a team player he realizes, together with you the best solution for your scheduling and workforce planning. Grateful to have got Dave in my team and realize our challenges at De Lijn.

Filip Matthys - Project manager DOE (De Lijn)

Treelight – your compass for efficient mobility

Using our many years of experience and expertise in the field of mobility, Treelight creates the ideal framework in which to implement your HASTUS® project.


With Treelight as your partner, you can count on your mobility services running smoothly – even with limited in-house knowledge.


Do you have questions about your HASTUS® application? Would you like to optimise your mobility services together with Treelight? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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